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 Below is a current list of items we regularly stock.  Check back often as available items will change periodically.  Please call or email us for pricing and delivery information.  All products are sold by the box, case or bag.  If you don't see something you would like, please contact us.  We may be able to let you know when it will become available or arrange to supply it.  Note Aman is short for Amanfopong brand. 

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 African King Sardine   125gm x 50pcs      avail.

Aman. Palm Oil           1/2gal x 12pcs       avail.

Aman. Palm Oil           16oz x 48pcs         avail.

Aman. Palm Oil            32oz x 24pcs        avail.

Aman. Palm Oil            1gal x 6pcs           avail.

Attieke Antoinette         300gm x 24pcs     avail.

Bambara Beans            40oz x 20pcs       avail.

Blackeye Beans            40oz x 20pcs       avail.

Blackeye Beans            5# x 10pcs           avail.

Cerelac Maize               400gm x 12pcs    avail.

Cerelac Wheat              400gm x 12pcs    avail.

Clay Bowls                    set of 6                 avail.

Coconut Oil                   16oz x 24pcs        avail.

Corn Flour W                 5# x 10pcs           avail.

Corn Flour Y                  5# x 10pcs           avail.

Couscous Aman.           40oz x 20pcs       avail.

Couscous R&C              500gm x 20pcs    avail.

Couscous Tria               1kg x 15pcs         avail.

Curry Powder BM Hot & Mild  6oz x 24pcs avail.

Custard Birds                300gm x 12pcs     avail.

Custard Birds                600gm x 12pcs     avail.

Esimu Mackerel             15oz x 24pcs       avail.

Exeter Corned Beef       12oz x 24pcs       avail.

Farina                             5# x 10pcs          avail.

Fufu Sticks                     50pcs                   avail.

Gari                                5# x 10pcs           avail.

Gari                               10# x 5pcs            avail.

Gari                               2.5# x 16pcs         avail.

Geisha Mackerel           15oz x 24pcs        avail.

Geisha Mackerel           5oz x 50pcs          avail.

Ghanafresh Palm Soup 800gm x 24pcs    avail.

Golden Tropics Fufu      10# x 5pcs           avail.

Golden Tropics Fufu      24oz x 24pcs       avail.

Groundnut Oil                16oz x 24pcs       avail.

Groundnut Paste           20oz x 12pcs       avail.

 Mimi Pounded Yam     4# x 10pcs            avail.

Nescafe                       200gm x 12pcs     avail.

Nido Pdr. Milk (Hld)     400gm x 24pcs     avail.

Nido Pdr. Milk (Hld)     900gm x 12pcs     avail.

Nido Pdr. Milk (Hld)     2.5kg x 6pcs          avail.

Aman. Oat Fufu             5# x 8pcs            avail.

Omelia Sardine             125gm x 50pcs    avail.

Ovaltine Biscuit             150gm x 24pcs    avail.

Ovaltine Large               1.2kg x 6pcs        avail.

Ovaltine Small                400gm x 12pcs   avail.

Palm Kennel Oil             16oz x 24pcs       avail.

Peak Liquid Milk             410gmx 48pcs    avail.

Peak Liquid Milk             170gm x 96pcs    avail.

Peak Powder Milk           2.5kg x 6pcs        avail.

Peak Powder Milk           400gm x 24pcs    avail.

Peak Powder Milk           900gm x 12pcs    avail.

Potato Starch                  40oz x 20pcs       avail.

Praise Abemudro            800gm x 24pcs    avail.

Praise Abemudro            400gm x 24pcs    avail.

Praise Banku Mix            1kg x 24pcs         avail.

Praise Palm Cream         800gm x 24pcs    avail.

Praise Palm Cream         400gm x 24pcs    avail.

Praise Palm Oil Zomi      1ltr x 12pcs           avail.

Pride of Africa Pounded Yam  4# x 10pcs   avail.

Pride of Africa Pounded Yam  20# bag        avail.

Quaker Oats                    500gm x 24pcs     avail.

Rice Flour                        5# x 10pcs            avail.

Salsa Tomato Paste        400gm x 24pcs     avail.

Salsa Tomato Paste        210gm x 48pcs     avail.

Titus Sardine                    125gm x 100pcs  avail.

Titus Sardine Hot             125gm x 100pcs   avail.

Tom Brown                       40oz x 20pcs       avail.

Tria Pasta                         500gm x 12pcs    avail.

Trofai Palm Cream            800gm x 20pcs   avail.

Tropiway Fufu                   24oz x 24pcs       avail.

Uda/Hwentia                     2oz x 60pcs         avail.

Vermicille Pasta (Crispa)  1# x 24pcs           avail.

Vimto Drink                       330ml x 24pcs     avail.

Wheat Flour                      5# x 10pcs           avail.

Zuan Luncheon Meat        20oz x 24pcs       avail.

Guiness Malt                330ml x 24pcs      avail.

Heinz Baked Beans     14oz x 24pcs        avail.

Heinz Salad Cream      425gm x 12pcs     avail.

Horlicks                        500gm x 8pcs       avail.

Hot Pepper                   6oz x 24pcs          avail.

Iberia Luncheon Meat  20oz x 24pcs        avail.

Indian Head Corn Meal  5# x 8pcs            avail.

Iyan Ado Pounded Yam  20# bag             avail.

Iyan Ado Pounded Yam  4# x 10pcs         avail.

Iyan Ado Pounded Yam  2# x 20pcs         avail.

Jerk Seasoning w\w      10oz x 24pcs       avail.

Jumbo Cube                   48pk x 24pcs      avail.

Knorr Cube                    100cb x 16sht      avail.

Lucozade                       1 ltr x 12pcs        avail.

Maggi Cube                4gm x 100 x 10sht  avail.

Maggi Shrimp Tab  10gm x 60pc x 24pks avail.

Mama Choice Fufu        24oz x 24pcs       avail.

Mama Choice Fufu        10# x 4pcs           avail.

Mashed Potato              6# x 6pcs             avail.

Milo                                1.5kg x 6pcs        avail.

Milo GH                          400gm x 12pcs   avail.



Banku Mix                         40oz x 24pcs       avail.  

Cassava Fufu                    40oz x 20pcs       avail.  

Cassava Leaves               1# x 60pcs           avail.  

Cassava Leaves               3# x 18pcs           avail.  

Corn Dough                       40oz x 24pcs       avail.  

Jute Leaves                       8oz x 60pcs         avail.  

Koobi                                  10# bag               avail.  

Palava Sauce (Delta)         16oz x 30pcs       avail.  

Palava Sauce (Montana)   16oz x 20pcs       avail.  

Snails (frozen)                    8oz x 24pcs         avail.